Parashat Vayetzei

Parashat Vayetzei Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.

Jacob Out In The World

Jacob is a force for positive change in the midst of a frustrating material world.

Awaken to Activism

We must stop being silent, sleepy observers of the AIDS pandemic.

Open-Ended Journeys

Like our ancestors, we are all on journeys throughout our lives.

Jacob and His Two Wives

The emotional struggles of our ancestors can help guide us today.

Sisterhood is Complicated

Rachel and Leah's complex relationship allows us to imagine new possibilities for strengthening our own relationships.

Parashat Vayetzei: Summary

Jacob flees to his uncle Laban's household and lives there for several years, marrying Laban's daughters, Leah and Rachel, and building a large family.

Blaming Society

We should strive to emulate Abraham and Isaac rather than emulating Laban, who compartmentalized his values.

Laban’s Excuse: Labor Ethics and Community Standards

Laban and Jacob's business relationship teaches us about the importance of ensuring ethical working conditions.

Understanding Jacob’s Ladder

How the rabbis tried to make sense of this strange dream.