Parashat Vayetzei

Good Deeds, Bad Consequences

What goes around, comes around, even if you're Jacob.

The Place With No Name

Why is the Torah so mysterious about the locale where Jacob continues the covenant with God?

Why We Tithe

Like Jacob, we should not wait for a better day to help others.

Dealing With Dishonesty

We can communicate the importance of honesty to our children by being honest ourselves.

How Can We Improve?

Vayetze: A resource for families

Jacob’s Anxiety

Being forced to flee from his home, Jacob had little food and personal security.

Haftarah for Vayetzei

Hosea tells the Israelite kingdom: God's punishments will be harsh, but repentance is possible.

Jacob, the Migrant Worker

What a forefather can teach us about human rights.

Parashat Vayetzei Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.