Parashat Shmini

Haftarah for Shmini

David brings the Holy Ark to Jerusalem, Samuel II 6:1-7:17.

An Abundance of Fish

We do not have the right to drive fish to extinction.

Considering Our Food Choices

This portion challenges us to express our most intimate and deeply held values with every mouthful.

Lessons from the Pig

There is a lot to learn from the long tradition of Jewish aversion to pork.

From Regulation to Relation

Relationships between the individual and the Divine are indeed possible.

Eco-Kashrut: Standards for What and How We Eat

Incorporating environmental concerns into to the Jewish dietary laws.

Death, Grief And Consolation

Reacting to Moses and Aaron's responses to the deaths of Nadav and Avihu provides us with an opportunity to examine our own responses to tragedy.

Boundaries, Sanctity And Silence

Although we can attempt to understand the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, we are ultimately limited and often feel powerless in the face of God.

Parashat Shmini: Summary

After the dedication of the Tabernacle and the ordination of the priests, two of Aaron's sons bring a strange fire before God and are consumed by fire; God then instructs Moses and Aaron regarding which animals may be eaten.

Alcoholism And The Nation Priests

The priestly prohibition against excessive drinking reminds us to support those in our community challenged by alcoholism.