Parashat Ki Teitzei

Compassion That Can Bring Messiah

It all begins with how we treat animals.

Generational Tension

We need to stop holding children of intermarriage responsible for decisions their parents made.

Unguarded Roofs

We are responsible for our actions, our property, and any objects of danger we witness in the world.

Remember, Don’t Forget!

The many commandments in Judaism relating to remembering both positive and negative experiences motivate us to work towards redemption.

What To Do With Wayward Children?

Tough love from the Torah, and the rabbis' attempts to mitigate it.

Social Responsibilities

Our decisions to ignore or respond to members of our communities who are in danger determine the justice and morality of our society.

Decisions And Consequences

Parashat Ki Teitzei contains numerous examples of how we should structure and categorize our decisions and their consequences.

Parashat Ki Teitzei: Summary

Moses enumerates many laws that relate to topics of family relationships, interpersonal ethics, forbidden mixtures, and sexuality.

Child Laborers: The Torah Will Not Let Us Rest Until They Do

Our society is judged on the basis of how we treat our most vulnerable members.