The BirthRATE Program

With each new report on the size of the Jewish population in the United States, people come up with new ideas on how to solve the problem of our shrinking numbers. Drawing inspiration from the Birthright Israel model, Naomi Less challenges the Jewish community to consider helping Jews who are ready to have children, but are on difficult fertility journeys. Less asserts that we can meet the challenges of a shrinking Jewish population through financial support, open conversations, and greater communal awareness of fertility struggles members of our community are facing.

Naomi Less is a Brooklyn-based, internationally celebrated singer/musician, composer, ritualist, activist/educator and radio host of Jewish Rock Radio's "Jewish Women Rock Show". Naomi serves as Associate Director and one of the Founding Ritual Leaders of Lab/Shul. Naomi is also the teen track director of Songleader Boot Camp. Her musical, educational and spiritual training comes from JTS Davidson School, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, ChangeCraft (formerly Center for Leadership Initiatives) and Northwestern University. Naomi co-created a multidisciplinary traveling performance piece that premiered in NYC March 2018, called TRYmester: Jewish Fertility Journeys Out Loud. She serves Vice President is Uprooted: a Jewish Response to Fertility Journeys.

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