If You Go, I’ll Go

Jewish communities are excellent at coming together in times of tragedy, but how can we educate ourselves to build connections and people-hood in our everyday lives? Miriam Brosseau suggests that we might do so through the mitzvah of ahavat Yisrael. The mitzvah of ahavat Yisrael, Brosseau asserts, requires of us to open up to our fellow neighbor, exposing our vulnerabilities and seeing our own struggle in others. Ultimately, ahavat Yisrael is about using vulnerability as a point of connection with others.

Miriam Brosseau is a musician and Jewish educator based in Chicago, IL. She and her husband, producer Alan Jay Sufrin, make up the "biblegum pop" duo <a href="http://www.stereosinai.com">Stereo Sinai</a>.

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