Jewish Texts

The Activism of Abraham

The lives of Abraham and Job provide us with two models for confronting poverty.

Kiss of Death

Midrash explains how Moses could be happy with dying.

Let My People Go

Exploring Moses and Aaron's confrontation with Pharaoh

Psalm 23: A New Translation

What if there is no valley of the shadow of death?

Midrash Tanhuma

A compilation of aggadic (narrative) and halachic (legal) midrash

Body of Land

In "escstatic" mysticism, the Land of Israel is a metaphor for the human body.

Mystical Israel

Medieval kabbalah offers various approaches to the Land of Israel.

Passive vs. Active Immigration

In 13th-century mysticism, two streams of thought emerged regarding the Land of Israel.

Israel in Rabbinic Literature

In rabbinic literature, the Land was of primary importance--even as the Diaspora grew.

The Language of Memory

From the Bible to today, the Chosen People rise again after every destruction.

Reforming Jewish Liturgy

Modernity has caused Jews of every ideology to relate differently to the content of their prayers.

Planting for the Future

Parashat Kedoshim teaches us to preserve our natural resources.