Jewish History

Jewish History, 1948 to 1980

A narrative of Jewish history between 1948 and 1980, including the foundation of the state of Israel, Jews in the USSR, and suburbanization in the United States.

After the Holocaust

Refugees and trials of the Nazis.

Holocaust as History

An introduction to historical scholarship about the Holocaust.

Jewish Emancipation in Russia

Faced with state-endorsed anti-semitism, Russian Jews attempted to make their own emancipation.

Jewish Emancipation In The East

What differed from the West?

Jewish Emancipation and Enlightenment

How Enlightenment ideals in Europe created the potential for Jewish citizenship.

Jewish Museums

Jewish museums present opportunities for team scholarship, public education and an equal opportunity access point for the entire Jewish community.

Jewish Workers and Trade Unions

Needling capitalism in America.

Jewish Socialism in Europe

Jewish influence and vice versa.

American Jewry, 1945-1980

American Jewry After World War II. Jewish History from 1948 - 1980. Modern Jewish History. Jewish History and Community.

Jewish Educational Trends

Jewish education evolves on a daily basis, from day school to summer camp to tot-Shabbat.

The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism

Questions for an Unfinished Revolution