Jewish Resistance in the Holocaust

Jews fought back against the Nazis in ghettos, forests and camps.

The Final Solution

How the Nazis planned and executed the systematic murder of European Jewry.

Nazi War Crimes Trials

The Nuremberg trials were the best known, but hardly the only efforts to hold perpetrators accountable.

The St. Louis

The German luxury ship, the St. Louis, sailed to Cuba with over 900 passengers on it, only to be turned away and sent back to Europe.

What Is Babi Yar?

Over 33,000 Jews were murdered at this ravine in Kyiv in September, 1941.

Children During the Holocaust

The Nazis and their collaborators killed as many as 1.5 million children.

Ali Sheqer Pashkaj

A shopkeeper in northern Albania, Sheqer rescued a Jewish man from the Nazis and sheltered him for three years.

Who Was Josef Mengele?

The Nazi doctor was infamous for inhumane experimenting on Auschwitz prisoners.

Women During the Holocaust

The Nazis subjected women to brutal persecution.

The Swastika’s Origins

Although the hooked cross predates the Nazi flag by 5,000 years, today it is widely considered a hate symbol.

The Holocaust Quiz

How much do you know about this horrifying historical period?

Hannah Senesh

How this Hungarian Jew became a national heroine of Israel.