Ancient/Medieval Jewish History

Jews in North Africa and Egypt

New, more fanatical Muslim rulers caused the quality of Jewish life in North Africa and Egypt to deteriorate during the 12th and 13th centuries.

Jewish Language and Poetry

Arabic was the spoken and written tongue of the Jews in the medieval Muslim empire, a fact that encouraged cultural exchange and the development of new forms for Hebrew poetry.

Jews in Poland

Medieval Jews found religious tolerance and economic opportunity in Poland

Jews in Palestine

The accumulation of disasters in the Middle Ages--expulsions, crusades, and the Black Death, to name a few--inspired a steady stream of Jewish immigration to the Holy Land.

Jews and “The Church”

Scholar Norman Roth questions whether the idea of the medieval Church makes sense as a category of analysis for Jewish history.

Medieval Jewish Culture

In Muslim and Christian lands.

Infidels with Benefits

Jews in the Medieval Islamic Empire


Jews in Medieval Christendom. Jewish History from 632 - 1650. Medieval Jewish History. Jews in the Middle Ages.

Jewish Printing

The social and intellectual changes brought about by the advent of the printing press.

The Inquisition II

The Inquisition expanded its horrible reach