Jewish Film

Keeping the Faith

The 2000 film about a rabbi and priest gets Judaism all wrong.

Crossing Delancey

The movie offers a touching affirmation of Jewish values.

The Jazz Singer

The first "talkie" told the story of a Jewish man seeking his future on Broadway.

Jewish Film in America & Europe

From the days of silent pictures to a recent upsurge in Jewish documentaries, Jewish characters and themes have appeared at an increasing rate in American cinema.

The Chosen

Orthodox vs. Hasidic on the Silver Screen

Mizrahi Film

Four films that illustrate and illuminate the culture of Israel's Mizrahi citizens

Sephardic Film

Films by and about Middle Eastern and North African Jews in Israel

Woody Allen

Love him or despise him, Woody Allen is an American-Jewish filmmaking legend.

Deconstructing Harry

Woody Allen goes to hell.

Israeli Film

The relationship between Israeli cinema and its establishment has often been an uneasy one. Nonetheless, the history of Israeli cinema mirrors the history of Israel itself.

Arabs on Israeli Screens

Israeli films portray the ties and the tensions between Jews and Arabs.

Jewish Film Festivals

Jewish film festivals are wildly popular--and for some moviegoers, are a major expression of their Judaism.