The Ethics of Burial and Mourning

The Jewish approach to death and mourning reflects a two-part ethic: the equal treatment of rich and poor in death, and the importance of channeling, and then limiting, our mourning.

Burial and Mourning: A Liberal Approach

The questions that a liberal Jew asks when a loved one dies often go beyond the strict requirements of Jewish law.

Spiritual Preparation for Death

Hasidic lessons on facing end of life.

Misgivings and Misconceptions

Though most rabbinic authorities allow organ transplants, the Jewish community has a poor track record when it comes to donations.

The “Abortion Pill”

What is the Jewish position on RU-486 ?

What Do Lifecycle Celebrations Do?

Jewish lifecycle ceremonies celebrate change, and sanctify the ordinary.

Traditionalism Confronts Lifecycle Innovation

Traditionalist Jews have many objections to new, or renewed, lifecycle ceremonies.

Themes in Jewish Lifecycle Events

Overview of various themes in Jewish lifecycle.

The Fetus in Jewish Law

Does a fetus have the same legal status as a person?

About Jewish Lifecycle

About Jewish Lifecycle. Jewish Ceremonies and Rituals.

Couscous: A North African Staple

For the Jews of North Africa couscous is as homey as apple pie.