Why I Don’t Pray

This God-intoxicated Jew doesn't find much meaning in most synagogues. Here's what I would find meaningful.

Enough To Go Around

Many families fall victim to the harmful idea that blessings amongst siblings operate in a zero-sum matrix.

Extraordinary Remembrance

Jewish tradition offers a valuable perspective on creating a culture of remembrance.

Form and Function

Often, we are so attached to the outer forms of Judaism that we neglect the principle they are meant to embody

Fear And Faith

When does fear protect us and when does it prevent us from living?

The Kernel of the Yet-To-Come

The renewal of the yearly cycle of Torah readings invites us to reconsider our foundational stories anew.

The Joy of Drawing Water

The ancient Sukkot ritual of the Simchat Beit Hashoevah is the joy of life itself.

In Search of Beauty

Jewish tradition mandates that the symbols of Sukkot be beautiful.

Everything About Yom Kippur Is An Invention

While the synagogue observance of Yom Kippur may seem like a stable, solid, trans-historical whole, it is none of those things.

By the Grace of God

With animal sacrifices a thing of the past, how do modern Jews achieve atonement?

The Journey Home

For Jews, home is elusive. And that might be precisely the point. 

Seeking the Face of God

When we learn to see the face of God in every being, it becomes impossible to act with anything other than compassion and justice.