Dreaming of Trees

Dreams are not only central to the observance of Tu Bishvat, but to our nighttime imaginal realms.

Make Yourself a Wonder

In an age of abundant information, we risk losing our capacity for wonder.

Blueprint For the Anti-Egypt Society

Having set the Israelites free from slavery, God charges them with building a society that affirms precisely what Egypt denies.

Joseph and Judah: From Neo to Post Hasidism

These two biblical brothers embody a tension that lies beneath the whole of Jewish tradition.

The Superpower of Hanukkah

Hanukkah reminds that rather than running from our darkness, we can choose to confront it.

Get Your Plots in Order

Abraham had to search for a grave when Sarah died. Our family was luckier.

Running and Returning

The maze-like path of the labyrinth, leading in and out of a sacred center, echoes an ancient kabbalistic idea.

What Must We Risk?

As the floodwaters rise around us, the story of Noah’s Ark calls on us to ask: What does righteousness look like in our generation?

A Time For Every Purpose

The biblical book of Ecclesiastes offers a different way to think about time — not as a unit of measurement, but as shifting periods of emotion and action.

Blessings in Hard Times

Jewish tradition suggests that discovering blessing is always possible — even in hard moments.

Bringing the Light

Sometimes we bring the light to others, and sometimes we need to borrow a spark.

Stuck between Passover and Shavuot

Shavuot is not just the culmination of Passover, but also its subversion.