Why Crucify Haman?

Artistic representations of the Purim villain shed light on medieval Jewish and Christian interpretations of the holiday.

Make Your Own Purim Costume

How to be the life of the Purim party.

Purim Queen

Holiday songs, pop style

Purim International

After Esther & the king Thai-ed the knot, things got Chile in Persia.

West Side Tsorys, the Purim Prequel

A skit based on the famous musical, with a Jewish twist

The Never-Ending Phone Menu

A skit about a common conundrum, customizable for any synagogue community

Purim At Home

How to celebrate this raucous Jewish holiday

Thriving in the Diaspora

Persian Jewry can serve as a role model for Jews who live outside of the Land of Israel.

Where Was God?

The "hidden God" of the Purim story can serve as a model for God's role in the modern world.


A recipe for triangular Purim cookies

Special Sabbaths

Recounting the moral obligations of Purim before the celebration begins

Facing Evil

Moral strength is found in fulfilling religious obligations.