Keshet is a national organization that works for LGBTQ equality in Jewish life. The organization equips Jewish leaders with tools to build LGBTQ-affirming communities, creates spaces for queer Jewish teens to feel valued and develop their own leadership skills, and mobilizes the Jewish community to fight for LGBTQ justice. Keshet’s blog spotlights this work, as well as the voices of LGBTQ Jews, our families, and allies.

Yom Kippur and Rebuilding

If this were a normal year, I would be preparing for one of the most powerful moments of prayer in ...

The Many Traditions of Rosh Hashanah

Reflections from Keshet Staff About Celebrating the New Year

Bending Toward Light

The poem below is entitled Bending Toward Light. It is liturgical(ish); invoking the Barchu and Yotzer Or, as seen through ...

Choosing Judaism: Nonbinary Existence

I can say with absolute certainty that I was queer before I was Jewish. I was born to Jewish parents, ...

It’s Time to Catch Up on Joy and Resilience

Our interview series is home to great conversations with some incredible LGBTQ Jews

Stonewall Avot v’Imahot

Please rise, as you are able, in body or in spirit for our queer ancestors: Marsha, Stormé, Sylvia, our forebears whose ...

Psalm 7 Reimagined

For my Granddaughter, on the Revocation of Trans Healthcare Protections

Just a Seahorse Abba on Father’s Day

 From my earliest memories, I wanted to have children. I even had dreams and daydreams about finding abandoned babies in ...

Ruth, Naomi, and Shavuot: Lifting Each Other Up to Create a Better World

One of my favorite traditions around Shavuot is the reading of the Book of Ruth. To me, it always jumps ...

A Mother’s Day Chat with Raffi and Marion Freedman-Gurspan

Raffi and Marion Freedman-Gurspan talk parenting, how their politics and LGBTQ activism informed their family life, and more!