Rachel Scheinerman

Rachel Scheinerman is the editor of My Jewish Learning. She holds an MA in Scripture & Interpretation from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in Rabbinic Literature from Yale University.

Articles by Rachel Scheinerman

Yoma 31

The man behind the curtain.

Yoma 2

Emergency back-up wife.

Shekalim 22

Drawing the curtain on Shekalim.

Shekalim 16

Black fire and white fire.

How to Navigate Tractate Shekalim for Daf Yomi on Sefaria

Let us help you stay on the right page for the fifth tractate of the Daf Yomi cycle.

Pesachim 118

Competitive suffering.

Pesachim 76

He was wise to permit it.

Pesachim 60

Positively talmudic.