Rachel Glazer

Rachel Glazer is the Community Engagement Associate at the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life.

Articles by Rachel Glazer

Showing Up, Then And Now: What Does Social Jewish Justice Look Like?

Believe me, we younger activists are engaged (it just looks different).

Our Reading Families

Loving literacy is something we're grateful to share

My Holy Land Is In Georgia

Returning to myself means Georgia mountains more than Masada

A Spiel and a Yarn

How having an extended family of different faiths built my unique Jewish identity

The Holiness of Thrift Shopping

I may not keep traditionally kosher, but when I shop, I follow my own sort of kashrut. You won’t find ...

Piecing Together Self-Care and Tikkun Olam Through Puzzles

There is no doubt that tikkun olam, the act of repairing the world, is an important and widely valued idea ...

Silver & Gold Study Buddies

My Jewish life has always been active. I became a Bat Mitzvah right on time, inherited the position of cantorial ...

Simchat Torah… With a Little More Torah This Time

Many of my most formative experiences and Jewish-identity-markers have had two things in common: they were highly competitive, and involved ...

My Southbound Story: Rachel G.

As we prepare to welcome more than a half-dozen new Jewish professionals to Mississippi for internships and fellowships at the ...

It Tried To Kill Me, We Won, Let’s Eat: My Very Jewish Approach to Diabetes

“They tried to kill us; we won; let’s eat.” This is, according to my father, the theme of every major ...