Rachael Bregman

Rachael Bregman is the Rabbi of Temple Beth Tefilloh in Brunswick, GA where she teaches in many pluralistic settings on everything Jewish from mysticism to the Judeo-Christian values which underpin human trafficking to Israel. She is a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow and sits on the board of FaithWorks Ministries. She lives in old town Brunswick She lives in old town Brunswick with her daughter Lilith.

Articles by Rachael Bregman

Who my body belongs to; The deep undercurrents of Choice 

I believe in a woman’s right to choose for herself what happens to her body.   When it comes to physical intimacy this means I believe ...

#MeToo, #TimesUp, #NewNormal 

I received an email from a reporter who wanted to interview #MeToo Rabbis.  I replied, “We are all #MeToo Rabbis.” Well, at least ...

Liberty, Justice and Gender Redefinition for All: A Netflix Story 

My child is three heading towards four. When watching tv on her Netflix, I have noticed that the categories have ...

What would you fight for?

A conversation about necessary battles at Hanukkah

A Time For Men.  Real Men. 

Up until now, #MeToo has been a women’s movement.  Appropriately so. It is driven by us and for us. Our ...

Dear Anita Hill,

2018 is the year of the Women in politics.

Laying the Ground Work for Repentance One Day: Teshuvah and #MeToo

Real forgiveness is not only between perpetrator and victim, but on all of us to create a new system where none of what has occurred may ever ever ever occur again. 

Human Design Flaw: The Fundamental Attribution Error

 A problem with bias is just knowing you have it is not enough to overcome it.

Bread and Circus 

Compassion fatigue leads to disinterest and apathy

Getting to No

Rule #1: ALWAYS be polite...