Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier

Shlomo Zuckier is a postdoctoral fellow in Jewish Studies at McGill University and a founder of The Lehrhaus. He holds a doctorate in religious studies from Yale University and rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University.

Articles by Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier

Responding to Hatred, On Purim and Today

Haman’s persecution awakened in the Jews a spark of defiance, a motivation not to hide their Judaism, but to celebrate it.

The Two Miracles of Hanukkah

Ancient scriptures tell two very different stories about why we celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Modes of Divine Connection

People are complex and multi-faceted, and the way we relate to an infinite God is bound to be too.

Against the Evil Inclination

Does the Torah sometimes prescribe unethical behavior? In a word, yes.

An Exercise in Empathy

Relating to the despair the ancient Israelites felt in the wake of the Temple's destruction is no easy feat.

Going All In

Studying to the point of exhaustion on Shavuot has a deeper purpose.

By the Grace of God

With animal sacrifices a thing of the past, how do modern Jews achieve atonement?

A Traditional Jewish Approach to the Problem of Evil

Jewish thinkers have long struggled to understand why the righteous suffer. Here are some of their answers.