Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer

Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer is associate rabbi of Temple Israel of Boston and is the creator and host of its Pulpit on the Common podcast. Follow him on Twitter @mattsoffer

Articles by Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer

“Grow, Grow”

Why the Torah equates human life with the life of a tree.

Is Moses Telling ‘Fake News’?

The line between “interpretation” and “alteration” isn’t always clear.

Ceding Control — and Seizing It

One word in this portion means both “wind” and “spirit” — and the duality is striking.

Do Not Open This Napkin

Holiness and secrecy are intricately enmeshed in the Torah.

A Conversation on Being Champions of Memory

Last week our Boston community sat down for a conversation with Ayala Katz, mother of one of the victims of the ...