Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer

Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer is the senior rabbi at Judea Reform Congregation, a Reform Jewish community in Durham. Follow him on Twitter @mattsoffer

Articles by Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer

“Grow, Grow”

Why the Torah equates human life with the life of a tree.

Is Moses Telling ‘Fake News’?

The line between “interpretation” and “alteration” isn’t always clear.

Ceding Control — and Seizing It

One word in this portion means both “wind” and “spirit” — and the duality is striking.

Do Not Open This Napkin

Holiness and secrecy are intricately enmeshed in the Torah.

A Conversation on Being Champions of Memory

Last week our Boston community sat down for a conversation with Ayala Katz, mother of one of the victims of the ...