Rabbi Lisa Grushcow

Rabbi Lisa Grushcow is the senior rabbi of Temple Emanu-El-Beth-Sholom in Montreal. She was ordained by Hebrew Union College and earned a doctorate from Oxford University.

Articles by Rabbi Lisa Grushcow

From the Outside, In

The more people we have at the table, the more likely we are to discover wisdom.

Too Busy for Redemption

Ironically, the festival of freedom is the holiday that requires the most preparation.

Tending the Fire

Fire is a symbol of persistence and faith, but the embers must be tended.

Bringing the Light

Sometimes we bring the light to others, and sometimes we need to borrow a spark.

Parashat Toldot: Opening the Conversation

This portion records the first instance in the Torah of someone initiating a dialogue with God.

Sotah: Understanding Change

Confronting a troubling biblical narrative.