Rabbi Harold Kushner

Harold Kushner is Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel in the Boston suburb of Natick, Massachusetts. He is the author of <i>When Bad Things Happen to Good People</i>.

Articles by Rabbi Harold Kushner

Praying in Hebrew

Sometimes not understanding the words can actually enhance the experience of prayer.

Torah Study as Worship

Why Jewish learning is as important as prayer.

Synagogues Instead of Cathedrals

Dispersion and uncertainty discouraged Jews from investing in cathedral-like synagogues, but they found a substitute in another dimension.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Suffering is meaningless unless you decide otherwise.

Some Meanings of Brit Milah

The message to the one who is circumcised: The covenant involves pain and sacrifice as well as honor and sanctity. And it is part of who you are, branded into your flesh at birth.