Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff

Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff is Rector and Sol and Anne Dorff Professor of Philosophy at the American Jewish University in California.

Articles by Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff

Caring for Elderly Parents

What does Jewish law require of adult children?

The Values of Jewish Texts

Why one rabbi believes text study leads to moral behavior.

Torah Study & Moral Behavior

Is Torah study intended to lead directly to moral and ethical behavior?

Balancing Work & Home in Judaism

Despite recognizing the value of work, Judaism insists that family must come first.

Traditional Sources on Artificial Insemination

Four texts dealing with non-traditional forms of insemination may--or may not--serve as meaningful precedents for the contemporary debate.

Judaism and Surrogate Motherhood

Rabbis across the denominational spectrum question the morality of surrogacy, but some believe that these concerns can be allayed.

Artificial Insemination in Jewish Law

Most rabbis permit artificial insemination using the husband's semen, but donor insemination raises more complicated questions.

Judging Preemptive Attacks

Have Israeli and U.S. attacks been ethically justifiable?

Defensive War

When lives are at stake, Judaism permits--and probably requires--fighting.

Jewish Resurrection and Organ Donation

The misguided belief that one needs all body parts intact to be resurrected may contribute to the poor rate of organ donation--even for Jews with otherwise untraditional beliefs.