Rabbi Becky Silverstein

Rabbi Becky Silverstein believes in the power of community, Torah, and silliness in transforming the world. He strives to build a Jewish community and world that encourages and allows everyone to live a life that reflects their inherent divinity/dignity. Becky is a member of the faculty at SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva, co-initiator of the Trans Halakha Project, and a Schusterman Fellow.

Articles by Rabbi Becky Silverstein

Ruth’s Radical Family

The biblical Book of Ruth celebrates chosen family.

Raising the Voice of Our Souls

Hopes and prayers for Yom Kippur 5778.

An Open Letter to Tom and Transgender Teens Everywhere

Last week the story of Tom Chai Sosnik, a teenager that came out as transgender at Tehiyah Day School, his ...

Transgender Day of Remembrance and the Life of Sarah

This d’var Torah was given by Rabbi Becky Silverstein at the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center on Friday, November 14th. We ...

Transforming Stories

A Small Revolution in a Synagogue Book GroupThis past January, Hebrew College invited poet and scholar Joy Ladin to speak ...

First Fruits of the LGBT Movement

Part of the observance of Shavuot, the traditional spring harvest holiday, is the celebration of the bikkurim, the first fruits ...

Reclaiming the Joy of Torah

With the holiday of Simchat Torah coming up, rabbinical student Becky Silverstein considers how the Jewish calendar lets her renew ...