Rabbi Adina Allen

Rabbi Adina Allen is co-founder and creative director of the Jewish Studio Project, a Bay Area start-up that utilizes the creative arts as a tool for self-discovery, social change and inspiring a Judaism that is vibrant, connective and hopeful.

Articles by Rabbi Adina Allen

Coming Down to Earth

Instead of looking up to the heavens for holiness, what if instead we looked to the earth beneath our feet?

Rededicating Darkness

Darkness is often seen as inherently negative, but Jewish texts offer a more complex understanding.

The Kernel of the Yet-To-Come

The renewal of the yearly cycle of Torah readings invites us to reconsider our foundational stories anew.

Opposites Distract

The inversion of expectations, so central to the Purim story, can be both thrilling and confining.

Dreaming the World into Being

Jewish tradition suggests that dreams awaken the imaginative faculty without which prophecy is impossible.

What Must We Risk?

As the floodwaters rise around us, the story of Noah’s Ark calls on us to ask: What does righteousness look like in our generation?

Rosh Hashanah and the Creativity of Remembering

The Jewish New Year calls upon us to both reach back into the past and step forward into the future.

Creativity as Spiritual Practice

Judaism teaches that each of us is endowed with creative capacity simply by being human.

Why Every Home Needs Its Own Menorah

The tradition of lighting Hanukkah candles in every household teaches that all of us have the power to lighten our little corner of the world.

The Art of Teshuvah

The Jewish practice of repentance involves not merely turning away from sin, but turning toward the dark parts of ourselves.