Natasha Cooper-Benisty

Natasha Cooper-Benisty has been a Jewish educator in both day school and religious school for the past 10 years. In 2011 she received a MS in Jewish Communal Service from Gratz College. She enjoys educating her students about Moroccan Jewish culture and creating Moroccan feasts for her Ashkenazic friends.

Articles by Natasha Cooper-Benisty

Moroccan Passover Traditions and Recipe

Different seder rituals and a delicious haroset recipe.

Embracing A Jewish Henna Wedding Tradition

This custom is a treasured part of Moroccan Jewish and other Mizrahi marriage celebrations.

Eating Ashkenazi-Sephardi Style at Sukkot

Sukkot appears to be one holiday in which the Moroccan and Ashkenazic customs and rituals are fairly similar. We both ...

Not My Mother’s Matzah Balls: My Moroccan Kitchen

I have often joked that I am the only woman in America who doesn’t cook anything that she grew up ...