George Robinson

George Robinson, author of <i>Essential Judaism</i>, is the recipient of a Simon Rockower Award for excellence in Jewish journalism from the American Jewish Press Association. His writing has appeared in <i>The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, Jewish Week,</i> and <i>The Detroit Jewish News.</i>

Articles by George Robinson

Kabbalat Shabbat

What happens during the Friday night prayer service.

Interest-Free Loans in Judaism

Jews have a tradition, based in biblical law, of interest-free lending, primarily--but not exclusively--to other Jews.

What Are the Sefirot?

According to the kabbalists, the attributes of God relate to each other in a scripted way.

Maimonides’ Conception of God

The Guide for the Perplexed tells us more about what God isn't than what God is.

Saadiah Gaon’s Theology

Written in 933, The Book of Beliefs and Opinions provided rational analysis of God and Judaism, setting a precedent for medieval philosophers.

Planning a Brit Milah (Bris)

What to do before your son's circumcision.

What Is A Mohel?

This man or woman performs Judaism's oldest religious rite.

Hasidic Mysticism

Hasidism spread mystical ideas to the masses of East-European Jewry.

Tzedakah in the Jewish Tradition

The Rabbis regulated the giving and receiving of tzedakah even while recognizing that how one gives may be as important as how much one gives.

Merkavah Mysticism: The Chariot and the Chamber

Early Jewish mystics tried to achieve visions of the Divine.