Eliana Falk

Rabbi Eliana Falk feels blessed to serve at Beth El Synagogue in Woodbury, Conn. She was ordained through the Academy for Jewish Religion, and is committed to Jewish pluralism in all of its wonderful and challenging glory. In her congregation and her work as a chaplain, she works to open doors to the joys of Jewish life, and deeper understanding of the richness of our heritage, through experiential learning in a joyful community that reaches beyond the walls of the synagogue. She has twice been awarded the Herschel J Matt Creative Liturgy Award. She is committed to the evolution of Jewish life, environmental responsibility, and building interfaith ties.

Articles by Eliana Falk

What are we teaching our children?

I am aching because they are so gut-scared that they are looking for any "reasonable" avenue for survival in their school

A Prescription for the Malady of Being Overwhelmed

We receive more news in a day than folks over a hundred years ago would receive in a year

A Parable for Our Day: A Donkey, a Pit and the Nightly News

In the midst of a deep and difficult challenge the very troubles we face can be the catalyst for our creative problem-solving

Others, and Othering

We have to be willing to be moved by those who think differently — and be prepared to be changed by them

Charlottesville, the Eclipse and My Kippah Problem

I am not doing it to be a lightning rod, but rather, to be a light-bearer, a teacher, a source of reassurance.

Our Chosen Treasures

If you had to live alone on a desert island for, say, the rest of your life... what would you take with you?

Yes, It’s (Not) All About the Seder

So what is the significance of these rituals? How do we choose what we will and will not do to take notice of this holiday?

Why My Father Went to War

 I had already seen the cover art of this week’s New Yorker magazine in a news feed, but when the ...

Seeking Human Kindness

This has been a momentous time – and while I believe in the absolute separation of church and state, I ...