What It Means To Be A Jewish Priestess

Jewish educator, songwriter and sacred drummer Shoshana Jedwab trains female spiritual leaders by harnessing the power of rhythm

Shoshana Jedwab is a Jewish educator, songwriter and sacred drummer. Raised in Brooklyn in a traditional Jewish family of rabbis and community leaders, Jedwab began to forge her own spiritual path in her 30s, embracing the rhythmic instinct she had felt since childhood and which she describes as “an act of nature that moves through me.” Today, Jedwab leads Jewish drum circles and musical services at the cutting-edge synagogues Romemu and Lab Shul and serves on the faculty of Kohenet, a training institute for female spiritual leaders. Jedwab’s work with Kohenet aims to help Jewish women reclaim their historic role as spiritual authorities — as healers, dream interpreters and mediators.

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