Genesis 28:10-32:3

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Jacob has a dream with angels going up and down a ladder from earth to heaven. God appears before Jacob, renewing the covenant that God had made with Abraham. Jacob sees Rachel, Laban’s daughter, tending to sheep and wishes to marry her. Laban tricks Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter, Leah, after seven years of labor. In exchange for another seven years of work, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel. Jacob has many sons with Leah, but Rachel is unable to conceive. Finally, God blesses Rachel, and she has a son, whom she names Joseph.

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rachel's sheep
Rachel’s sheep

Text Studies

Social Action and Environmentalism

“I Have A Dream . . .”
Rabbi Ed Rosenthal, Hillel


Jacob the Migrant Worker
Sam Berrin Shonkoff, AJWS


Jacob’s Covenant With God
Rabbi Jordan D. Cohen, KOLEL


Awaken to Activism
Rabbi Elliot Kukla, AJWS


Rabbi Paula Goldberg, Union for Reform Judaism


Jacob’s Anxiety
Daniel Bloom, AJWS


Laban’s Excuse: Labor Ethics & Standards
Jeremy Burton,


Jacob Out In the World
Avi Neuman, Canfei Nesharim


From the Denominations

Pluralism and Outreach

Children And Deferred Dreams
Rabbi Bradley Artson, American Jewish University
Open-Ended Journeys
Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, Big Tent Judaism


Complicated Relationships
Rabbi Melissa Crespy, Jewish Theological Seminary


God Was In This Place And I Did Not Know
David Elcott, CLAL


Blaming Society
Rabbi Avraham Fischer, Orthodox Union


On Dreams And Reality
Pinchas Leiser, UJA-Federation of New York


Family and Fun

Parshat Vayetze Quiz
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies


Parshat Vayetze Challah
Julie Seltzer


Parshat Vayetze for Families
Torah Topics for Today


Dealing With Dishonesty
Torah Topics for Today


Torah Topics for Today

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