These Hanukkah Images Are Free to Download

Find festive Hanukkah illustrations to use on greeting cards, decorations, and more.

It’s easy to send digital Hanukkah greeting cards, post Hanukkah images on social media, or decorate your home with festive images. At My Jewish Learning, we created three downloadable Hanukkah images that you can use for free, whether it’s to create your own custom Hanukkah e-card, to spread the light of Hanukkah on Instagram, or something else.

Find our original menorah image, Hanukkah foods image, and dreidel image below. Then just click to download and print the images you want to use.

Click here to download this menorah image.

Click here to download this Hanukkah foods image.

Click here to download this dreidel image.

There are so many ways to celebrate Hanukkah beyond lighting a menorah, exchanging Hanukkah gifts, and eating fried foods. We hope these downloadable Hanukkah images make your holiday even brighter.

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