The Tech Tool That Makes Torah Study Easier

Thanks to a new tool on MyJewishLearning, it’s easy to access most biblical and other Jewish texts cited in our articles. Just hover your mouse over a citation in blue (i.e., Exodus 38:21), and the text pops up in Hebrew and English. Click, and you’ll be transported to, where you can see the excerpt in its larger context or view it in multiple formats. Try it out with the commentary on this week’s Torah portion or on any other page in which specific Jewish texts are referenced!


BETTER god in details screenshot



On the above page, when you hover over Isaiah 11:9 (in blue), the text pops up.



sefaria isaiah 9

Click on it, and you’ll be taken to (above), where you can view the full text in a range of formatting: in Hebrew, English, side-by-side Hebrew and English and with or without commentary.




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