The 9 Best Hanukkah Pet Pictures on Instagram

Unleash your Hanukkah spirit with these adorably Jew-ish cats, dogs and hamster.

Hanukkah is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays, and since it’s primarily observed at home, rather than in synagogue, there’s no reason pets can’t get in on the fun.

Below are nine (one for each candle on the menorah) of our favorite Hanukkah-celebrating cats and dogs — and a few other domesticated animals — of Instagram. Share your photos with us by adding the hashtag: #JewishPets. And be sure to follow @myjewishlearningcom on Instagram.

1. When it’s the cat’s turn to say the Hanukkah blessings.

A post shared by Casey Cohenmeyer (@casey3920) on

2. This cat clearly knows her gimmel from her nun.

3. Patiently waiting for their Hanukkah gifts.

4. Hanukkah, meow Hanukkah, come light the menorah.

A post shared by Alexis (@alexiscates17) on

5. In my window, where you can see the light of my mew-norah…

A post shared by Alissa Roeder (@alissamroe) on

6. When will the latkes be served?

A post shared by Jax Taylor K (@jaxnycdog) on

7. Off the hamster wheel, onto the Hanukkah table.

A post shared by Hammy (@hammy_hamster20) on

8. Canine vs. feline dreidel showdown.

A post shared by Marcee Wozadlo (@marceewhoa) on

9. One dog’s December Dilemma?

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