Spiritual & Cultural Experiences



 Have you had any spiritual experiences this past year? “Spiritual” can include secular artistic, cultural, etc.

What’s a spiritual experience for you? Is it praying to God? Is it praying to yourself that everything is alright with your family? Or could a spiritual experience happen as you’re watching the final Harry Potter film, in the moment that Harry finally raises a wand and vanquishes Voldemort for good?

Spiritual experiences are intensely personal things–perhaps the most personal things. They can be as varied as going on a vision quest or singing in the shower. The only uniting theme is you–the seeker.

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Q04. Describe how an event
in the world has impacted you
in the past year.

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Q06. Describe one thing you’d like
to achieve by this time next year.
Why is this important to you?


 is a national project that asks people to answer a question a day online for 10 days during the 

High Holidays

. It offers a new way for Jews and people of all backgrounds to slow down and reflect. Answers are emailed to a secure online vault just after 

Yom Kippur

; next year, just before 

Rosh Hashanah

 starts, answers are sent back to participants and the whole process begins again. 
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