Parashat Masei Quiz

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Commentary on Parashat Masei, Numbers 33:1 - 36:13



1. From where in Egypt did the Children of Israel begin their journey, and where did they camp first?

2. Where did Aaron die?

3. How old was Aaron when he died?

4. God told Moses to tell the Children of Israel to do four things when they came into the land. What were they?

5. What did God say would happen if the Israelites did not drive out all of the inhabitants?

6. How many tribes were to receive an inheritance in the land?

7. How many cities of refuge were to be given to the Levites? How many were to be in the land and how many outside?

8. How many cities in total were given to the Levites?

9. In order to be safe, how long must the person who has fled to a city of refuge remain?

10. What ransom could be taken for the life of a murderer?


1. The children of Israel began from Ramses and first camped in Succot (33:5).

2. Aaron died in Mt. Hor (33:38).

3. Aaron was 123 when he died (33:39).

4. The Israelites were told to drive out all the inhabitants, destroy their figured stones, destroy their molten images, and demolish their high places (33:52-54).

5. God promises: “Those that remain will be as thorns in your eyes, as pricks in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land where you dwell” (33:55).

6. Nine and a half tribes were to receive an inheritance in the land (34:13).

7. Six cities of refuge were to be given to the Levites (35:6).  Three were to be in the land and three were to be out of the land (35:14).

8. 48 cities were given to the Levites (35:7).

9. The person must remain until the death of the high priest (35:25).

10. No ransom could be taken for the life of a murderer. He had to be put to death (35:31).

Provided by special arrangement with the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. 

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