Hanukkah candles

Our Favorite Hanukkah Candles on Amazon

So pretty you won't want to burn 'em.

It’s a bummer to put boring or ugly candles in a beautiful menorah. But these candles won’t disappoint!


Blue and White Jewish Star Candles

These are so cute!

Multi-Colored Metallics

These couldn’t shine brighter.

Wavy Patterned Candles

This cheerful set reminds us of birthday candles.


Artisinal Beeswax Candles

Hand-rolled and rustic.

Silver-Tipped Candles

Love the beautiful ombre pattern.

Purple Elegance

Love all the shades!

Real Oil Cups

For those who want to go the traditional route without all the clean-up, these oil cups are a life-saver.


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