MyJewishLearning and JTA Are Merging

Some answers to your questions.

1. Why are the two companies merging?

The combination brings together two strong, growing and respected nonprofit media organizations dedicated to providing readers with news, information, content, and interaction on Judaism and Jewish topics, without political bias or denominational bent.

2. Is this a takeover? Will there be a new name? Who’s in charge?

This is a merger of two partnersnot a takeover. Several details of the potential merger remain to be resolved including the name; however, the organizations’ boards have spent several months exploring the merger and have signed a non-binding letter of intent to do so. JTA’s CEO and Editor in Chief, Ami Eden, will be CEO and Executive Editor of the combined organization; Meredith Lewis, the Director of Operations of MyJewishLearning, will be the new organization’s Chief Operating Officer.

3. How does this impact this site?

The new organization is committed to maintaining and growing the two organizations’ existing brands, which include, JTA, Kveller, and Jewniverse, as well as to creating new brands and content to serve the diverse Jewish community. This site isn’t disappearing.

4. How does this impact my email newsletter subscriptions?

You will continue to receive the newsletters you’ve signed up for and only those that you’ve signed up for.

5. Bottom line, what does this mean to me?

We’re excited about the new possibilities this merger brings for us and for you the reader. In the meantime, this site will continue to offer the great content and community that you’ve counted on for years.

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