Jewish Preschools

Finding the best fit for your child and family.

There are a lot of preschools out there–and a lot of really good preschools out there. Finding one that works for you and your child is an important and weighty task.

Need guidance? Check out, a website from, for those who want to add a Jewish twist to their parenting.

Kveller features advice about how to choose a preschool, top ten questions to ask a preschool you’re considering, and a host of other resources for raising preschool-aged kids, including:

•    Jewish Books for Your Kids & You
Classic and modern titles not to be missed

•    How to Raise a Mentsch
Teach your child to simply be a good person

•    Talking to Kids About God
A tricky conversation, but one worth having

•    Activities for Jewish Holidays
Involve your kids in Jewish celebrations year-round

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