An online multifaith resource for news and community

Bridges for Peace
Works to build positive relationships between Christians and Jews and to educate the church about its rich Hebraic heritage

The Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations
An independent educational institution dedicated to the study and teaching of all aspects of the encounter between Christians and Jews throughout the ages

Children of Abraham
Seeks to build an international community of Muslim and Jewish youth that celebrates their religious identities

Dovetail Institute
A national independent organization offering resources on intermarriage to interfaith couples

A Good Company Interfaith Ketubot
Offers interfaith couples a marriage covenant developed in the style of the traditional Jewish ketubah

The House of One People (HOOP)
A conference center that provides workshops, retreats, trainings, and performance arts events for the dual purpose of fostering connections between people of all spiritual orientations and points of view and teaching peacemaking skills

Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies
An institution that works to address the contemporary challenges of religious pluralism by helping to shape a new relation-ship between Christians and Jews

The Institute of Interfaith Dialog
An institution whose goal is to bring together the global communities in order to promote compassion, cooperation, partnership and community service through interfaith dialog and conversation.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
An institution aimed at fostering better relations and understanding between Christians and Jews, encouraging greater cooperation between both communities on issues of shared biblical concern, and helping build support for Israel and Jews in crises or need empowers interfaith families to make Jewish choices for themselves and their children, and encourages the Jewish community to welcome interfaith families.

Jewish-Christian Relations
A web resource offering articles, reviews, reports, official statements, and study resources on Jewish-Christian relations

Jewish and Interfaith
A network of rabbis concerned with providing interfaith couples high quality service, referral counseling, and spiritual guidance for their wedding ceremonies. 

Jewish Outreach Institute
Helps foster Jewish outreach through national conferences, publications, and informational resources

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The top 101 sites on religion and sacred texts

Muhlenberg Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding
A Muhlenberg College center dedicated to enhancing Jewish-Christian understanding by helping Christians and Jews understand each other’s religion better.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
A web resource with information about all religious groups

Uniting Two Faiths
A website designed for couples planning an interfaith wedding or commitment ceremony or writing their interfaith wedding vows

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