Israeli family in a Passover Seder dinner

How to Find a Passover Seder Near You

Don't have plans for the Seder? No problem.

Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish observances of the year. The centerpiece of the holiday is the Seder, when family and friends gather to remember the Jewish escape from slavery in Egypt, drink four cups of wine, eat matzah, and enjoy a delicious meal.

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Don’t have a Seder to attend? No problem. Here are some ways to find one.

Find a Local Synagogue

Many synagogues have some sort of a communal Seder, usually with a suggested donation in order to attend. It’s also a safe bet that the local affiliate of the Chabad Hasidic group is hosting a Seder. Check their online directory for the nearest chapter.

Search Social Media

Facebook and other social sites can be great places to find a community Seder. Facebook will often surface events near you that your friends have expressed interest in. Check those out and see if there’s a local Seder that matches your schedule and interests. Some larger organizations offer community seders that are open to the public, for example: the Freedom Seder at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, the Multicultural Freedom Seder in San Francisco, or the JEM Community Center Seder in Los Angeles.

Host Your Own

Who doesn’t like to gather with friends for a tasty meal? Think of this as a many-course dinner with all the wine you can drink. It’s not as hard as you think. This guide will help you get started. And you can’t host a seder without a proper seder menu. Check out The Nosher for seder recipe planning tips and tricks for making the best matzah ball soup, charoset, macaroons, and more.

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