High Holiday Poetry Contest 2010

Bare your soul for the Jewish New Year.

The Jewish New Year stirs up a whole bucket of emotions for many of us. Praying to God. Apologizing to our family and friends–and even family- and friends-in-law. Questioning the choices we’ve made and the lives we’ve led. Taking steps to create a better you.

Maybe you’re proud of your year. Maybe you’re embarrassed. Or maybe you’re not sure yet. Well, now’s your chance to share your thoughts with the world.

MyJewishLearning wants your poems about the High Holidays. They can be funny, or serious, or both. They can rhyme. They can be long (though we are from the Internet short-attention-span generation). We want to be entertained, and we want to be inspired.

Jewish musicSubmit a poem on any theme related to the High Holidays to mjl.poetry@gmail.com by August 25. We’ll publish the winning entries on MyJewishLearning.com just in time for Rosh Hashanah.

First Prize
A beret, and a prize package of CDs and books from Shemspeed Records and MJL, and a free download of D. Brook and J. Harkham’s brand new album Darkcho.

Second Prize
The brand new Dreams in Static CD Serene Poetic from Shemspeed, and a free download of Y-Love & Diwon’s “Move On” (plus Sabbo remix).

Third Prize
A copy of the book Jenny Green’s Killer Junior Year.

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