FREE STUFF ALERT: HotMat giving away 5 foldable Shabbat hotplates

The new foldable Shabbat hotplate from HotMat offers an aesthetically pleasing and practical update to an essential Shabbat gadget.

Almost every observant Jewish household has some kind of Shabbat warming tray — usually a huge, heavy metal appliance.

But HotMat’s new hotplate breaks the mold. Its sleek new model, called 2Dish Connect, is lightweight, foldable, offers variable surface temperatures and can connect with other modular units to give you up to 10 separate warming surfaces. That makes it useful not just for Shabbat, but for entertaining too. And if you’re entertaining, why shouldn’t you have a stylish gadget?

The two temperature settings on the HotMat — 212 degrees and 300 degrees — means you can keep your soup boiling hot without worrying about burning your rice or challah.

But the feature that really sets HotMat apart from the competition is its weight and foldable design. It weighs about 4 lbs. and has a surface area of about 10 inches by 6 inches when folded. That’s smaller than most laptops, making it easy to store in a kitchen cabinet and a breeze to pack in a suitcase if you’re going away for the weekend.

Normally $79 per unit, HotMat is giving away 5 of these devices. They’re ETL approved to conform with North American safety standards and certified as kosher for Shabbat use by Israel’s Zomet Institute.

Enter below by May 18 to win one of five FREE HotMats.

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