Aimee Golant
The website for artist Aimee Golant who creates metal art judaica pieces

American Guild of Judaic Art
A forum and referral service to help promote Judaic Art

Art as Responsa
An arts-based Jewish learning program launched by Marsha Plafkin Hurwitz

Art with Avi
Offers a variety of workshops and projects to assist educators and parents in their Jewish educational programs by learning through the arts

Artistic Judaic Promotions
Represents Israeli and Judaic artists who create jewelry, ritual Judaica, ketubahs and contemporary Judaic and Israeli art

A non-profit educational organization that uses arts and culture as entry points into Jewish learning

BIMA – Berkshire Institute of Arts & Music
A summer arts program for teens dedicated to artistic expression and Jewish living at Williams College in Massachusetts

Jacqueline Berg
A designer and seller of Jewish artifacts

Jerusalem Everything
An online shop which is a cooperative of Jewish artists

Jewish Art Education
Provides information on a variety of presentations, classes, and workshops about Jewish art that are available in person, on CD-ROM, and by download

Jewish Art Network
An Internet gallery on the Web that offers original art, limited edition prints and the fine art reproductions

Joel Rohr
The profile and portfolio of Israeli artist Joel Rohr

Judah S. Harris
A photographer who photographs fine art and Jewish life
Produces Judaic art curricula for children
A collection of royalty-free photos, illustrations, and clip art focusing on Jewish life, culture and religion.
Devoted to Jewish education through the arts, the website includes lesson plans and other resources

A journal of artistic exploration of the Jewish religious experience

The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art
A Jewish art museum in Tulsa

Tamar’s Gallery
Showcases and sells the art of an Israeli artist

The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art
A museum in Jerusalem set up to collect, preserve and display objects pertaining to Jewish life in Italy from the Middle Ages through the present

Yossi Matityahu’s Gallery
Showcases and sells Judaica created by an Israeli artist

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