Nosher Food Fellows

Meet The Nosher’s New Jewish Food Fellows

We are so excited to announce the first cohort of The Nosher’s Jewish Food Fellowship

These 17 impressive Jewish food lovers come from all over the world, with incredible backgrounds in cookbook writing, recipe creation, beekeeping and gluten-free baking, just to name a few of their accomplishments, representing the diversity of food voices today. As fellows, they will learn together over the course of the next several months and create written and visual content to share on The Nosher, as well. 

We are thrilled to be able to provide a platform for their food stories to be put out into the world.

Beatrice Beugelmans is a Los Angeles native of mixed French-Jewish and Salvadoran descent. She currently resides in New York City where she is working towards her Masters in Food Studies from New York University, interrogating historical and cultural quandaries through the framework of food. Beatrice is currently researching pre-modern love potions and snacking on Bosc pears with cinnamon.

Elisabeth Brinson originally hails from Yorkshire, England, but currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and daughter, where she is working on turning her modest urban garden into a sustainable permaculture food forest. You can find more of her work at where she shares Sephardic food, foraging, and garden content, and follow her on Instagram @elisabethcolette.

Sydney Brown is a 23 year old living in New York City with a background in food media and culinary work. She graduated from New York University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in food studies, completed the Columbia Publishing Course, and spent five weeks studying at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland.

Adriana Chavez (she/her) is a writer, cook, and baker based in New York City. She writes about food in the editorial space and previously as a Mellon fellow, where her research exploring the depiction of food in African American literature was published by Harvard University.

Skye Estroff is known as “Atlanta’s Food Expert” on TV, radio and podcasting. She began her career in food by receiving her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Georgia. She is founder of Skye Estroff LLC, a food-focused social media company, and Foodie Road Trip LLC. Skye hosted and executive produced “Foodie Road Trip,” a TV show available on Roku, Tubi, Redbox and more and also hosts the weekly “Skye’s The Limit” podcast.

Sylvia Fallas is a Brooklyn-based educator and private chef. She teaches Jewish cultural cooking to students of all ages. Her focus is simple, delicious and healthy family meals, many inspired by her own Syrian-Jewish background. Although she has a bachelor’s degree in health and nutrition sciences, she’s not afraid of butter! You can follow her on Instagram @sylviafallas.

Benedetta Jasmine Guetta is an Italian food writer. In 2009, Guetta co-founded “Labna,” the only Jewish/kosher food blog in Italy, specializing in Italian and Jewish cuisine. After a decade of research, she published “Cooking alla Giudia” (Workman, 2022), a cookbook dedicated to the Jewish cuisine of Italy, which was honored with the National Jewish Book Award for food writing in the year of publication

Malka Husarsky lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, three children, 13 chickens, three ducks and four beehives. She enjoys incorporating traditions of our bubbes and zaydes in this modern “instant gratification” world. She finds great joy in utilizing all of her urban farm’s bounty to bring together her family, and yours. You can follow her and her animals on Instagram @thebirdsandthebeesbrooklyn

Rachel Sophia Kruge is a line chef at Shmoné, a Michelin-starred Israeli restaurant in NYC. As the daughter of an Indian-Jewish immigrant, Rachel’s multicultural upbringing helped lay the foundation for food and its power to bridge communities and cultures. Rachel received her BBA in marketing and advertising from Pace University in 2017 and a culinary arts diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education in 2021. Her experience includes working at The Clio Awards and The Food Network among others.

Miya Libman is a recent college graduate who has been writing for as long as she can remember and eating food for even longer. As a Korean-American Jew, Miya is passionate about sharing experiences of mixed heritages and intersectional Jewish identities. You can follow Miya on Instagram @miyasplate, which she considers to be a public food journal documenting the food she’s eaten around the world and her own culinary creations.

Brad Mahlof (@cookwithbrad) is an award-winning chef who was recently named the winner of “The Great American Recipe,” a cooking competition on PBS. Brad is known for hosting epic Shabbat dinners that showcase his Libyan, Israeli and Ashkenazi roots as well as other global culinary influences inspired by his love of travel. His cooking style emphasizes the importance of sourcing quality, seasonal and local ingredients. Brad is passionate about representing his heritage through food to help preserve and honor the rich and beautiful history of these Jewish communities.

Harry Rubenstein (@harrysbaked) is a pastry chef and culinary guide of Israel’s open-air food markets, who has introduced hundreds of visitors to the colorful, fragrant and diverse tastes of Israel. He is also a self-proclaimed expert on Jewish baked goods — sweet and savory. Harry hosts virtual gastronomic extravaganzas, which strive to share the techniques and traditions of Israeli street food and Jewish lore into hundreds of kitchens. He lives in Modiin, Israel with his family.

Rachael Narins is a trained chef, food writer, cookbook author and recipe developer in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has appeared in the LA Times, The Nosher, Food and Wine Magazine and The Forward.

Sarina Shohet (she/her) is a Berkeley grad and Jewish professional living in New York City. She is currently working on an Iraqi-Jewish recipe collection with her grandmother, which you can follow along on Instagram: @haab_cookbook.

Matt Weinstein (he/they) is a dedicated gluten-free cook and content creator based out of NYC. With their platform Glass of Weinstein, Matt works primarily in gluten-free recipe development while spreading awareness, combating myths and questioning disparities around celiac disease and the folx living with it. Matt is unapologetically Queer, Jewish and celiac.

Christina Whittaker is a writer and baker living in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a master’s in food studies from New York University and her blog,, focuses on the intersection of food and personal identity.

Samuel Lin-Sommer is a food and culture journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. He’s currently an Editorial Fellow at the Forward. He comes from a Chinese-Jewish family, and his fondest childhood food memories are of eating chicken noodle soup with his grandparents and baking brownies with his mom.

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