Amazing Hanukkah Menorahs on Instagram

These really light up the internet.


We love all the creative and classic menorahs we’ve seen people post to Instagram for Hanukkah! Here’s a round-up of a few of our favorites.


Gummy Bear Menorah

Love the animation!

Cloisonné Bird Menorah

So beautiful!

T-Rex Menorah

Rawr! We’ve seen a lot of versions of this menorah and we’re not tired of it at all!

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Paint Brush Menorah

We love a re-purposed art piece.

Challah Menorah

What a great way to mark Shabbat Hanukkah! Is that za’atar sprinkled on the flames?

Candle Menorah

Ok, we know this is short a branch or two, but the idea of making a menorah that is itself a giant candle is pretty cool!

Bottle Oil Lamp

What a cool way to use a leftover bottle!


Classic Menorah with Horse

What a still life!

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#home #fire #hanukah #family

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Banana Menorah

The real miracle will be if this menorah survives the whole holiday.

Hair Product Menorah

Don’t try this at home.


Lego Menorah

There are a lot of great large and small Lego menorahs out there, but the cute kid really makes this photo!

Elegant Menorah

This one is just a stunner!

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