10 Challah Covers Perfect for Rosh Hashanah

Slip your round challah under one of these beauties.

Nothing says “new year” quite like a beautifully golden-brown round challah, maybe studded with plump raisins. Looking to beautify the commandment of celebrating Rosh Hashanah even more? Slip that beauty under a gorgeous challah cover. Here are some ideas:

1) L’Shana Tova U’Metukah — To a good and sweet new year!

These bright colored fruits and flowers really say fresh start.


2) Silk Challah Cover with Pomegranates

We love this classic pattern, and pomegranates add a festive touch! The circular text around the edge is the prayer Shalom Aleichem.


3) Multi-Color Pomegranates Challah Cover

Pomegranates never get old, especially in many colors!


4) Hand-Painted Old City Challah Cover

Judaic Challah Cover Shabbat Hand Painted and Handmade"The Old City" Design - LRW DESIGNS

This year in Jerusalem…or at least with this vibrant Jerusalem cover!


5) Embroidered Flower Pattern Silk Challah Cover

A classic. The text is the last four words of the blessing over the challah: hamotzi lechem min ha-aretz, who brings forth bread from the earth.


6) Embroidered Blue Pomegranates Challah Cover

Aaaand pomegranates in blue.


7) Geese and Feather Embroidered Challah cover

Love this Persian-inspired design! This challah cover can be used year-round; the text says “Shabbat and Holidays.”


8) Pomegranates in Blue

Is now also the name of my album cover. This is also a year-round challah cover.


9) Apples and Bees Challah Cover

Apples and honeybees for Rosh Hashanah! The text says “For a good and sweet year.”


10) White Silk Shabbat V’Yom Tov Cover

Simple, classic, and elegant. Year-round.

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