10 Adorable Decorations for Your Rosh Hashanah Table

Ideas for elevating your New Year's feast.

Rosh Hashanah meals are a wonderful time to enjoy family, traditions, and celebratory foods! It’s also a great time to pull out your favorite dishes and spice up your tablescape. Here are a few decorating ideas:


1) Artificial Pomegranate Decoration 


They really look real, right?


2) Nature Tablecloth Runner 



Pomegranates and fall colors make for a perfect holiday-themed runner.


3) L’Shanah Tovah Serving Platter


Apples, and honey and flowers, oh my!


4) Wine Bottle Stickers


Festive phrases are so much more fun than brand labels.


5) DIY Rosh Hashanah Cut-Outs



These are perfect to scatter on the table, or to hang up around the house.


6) Rosh Hashanah Banner 


Wish your guests a happy new year with a wall decoration!


7) Gold Glitter Apple Party Straws

Gold Glitter Apple Party Straws - No-Mess Real Gold Glitter Cut-Outs & Decorative Jewish New Year Paper Straws - Set of 24


Paper straws, of course. We have to start the new year right in terms of environmental impact!


8) Happy Rosh Hashanah Coasters 



No water rings for your new year. Plus, they’re washable.


9) Star of David Confetti 




Great to spread around the table for any Jewish occasion.


10) Cute Rosh Hashanah Table Cloth 


There’s even a shofar on here!

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