Asian Green Pea Hummus Recipe

Tamari and seaweed give this Middle Eastern staple a touch of Asian flair.

Marry Me Brisket Sliders

A game-day treat that will have you guests begging you for the recipe (or your hand in marriage).

Savory Hamantaschen

Beyond poppyseed, these triangles are a salty, cheesy delight.

Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken Wings

A perfect treat for game-day.

Traditional-Style Hot Wings

A perfect recipe for Superbowl Sunday.

Apple Cranberry Sauce

Sweet and tart, it's delicious on latkes.

Red Quinoa Dessert Pudding

An old grain from the New World.

Different Matzah Balls

A slightly different take on the classic matzah ball.

Fluffy, Soft Matzah Balls

Light, delicate, and perfect for Passover.

Haroset from Egypt

Dates, raisins and nuts symbolize the mortar of our Egyptian toil, re-envisioned by a later era of Egyptian Jews.