How to “Take” Challah

A mitzvah that sets the braided bread apart.

Onion Kugel

Like potato kugel, without the potatoes.

Broccoli Kugel

A side dish for Shabbat or holiday tables.

Simple Spatchcocked Chicken and Roasted Root Vegetables

Spatchcock is a method of splitting (butterflying) a chicken.

Different Matzah Balls

A slightly different take on the classic matzah ball.

Fluffy, Soft Matzah Balls

Light, delicate, and perfect for Passover.

Potato Matzah Balls

Add some potato to your matzah ball soup.

Healthy Matzah Balls

The no fat, no cholesterol, great flavor matzah balls.

Matzah Balls with a Twist

A tasty way to spruce up the classic matzah ball.

Ashkenazi Haroset

A recipe for the sweet fruit paste on the Passover seder plate.