Parashat Yitro

Parashat Yitro: Merged Memories

In Moses and Jethro, we can see a model of transformational relationships ⁠— and losses.

Parashat Yitro: On Leadership and Family

In a Torah portion long understood to be a lesson in leadership, we are led to believe Moses all but ignored those closest to him.

Soul Memories

What actually happened at Mount Sinai?

Listening, or Really Hearing

It can often be difficult to truly hear what others are saying to us.

Learning From Everyone

Each and every person we interact with can teach something.

Humility—Finding the Correct Balance

Yitro: A resource for families.

Women and Revelation

When Moses altered the message given to him by God, he cut women out of the revelation at Sinai.

What Moses Learned from His Father-In-Law

The Midianite has concerns about the well-being of the Israelites and their leader Moses.

Challah for Parashat Yitro

Mount Sinai in smoke.

Reimagining Spirituality

Examining a new model of activism.